a portland miscellany





Owners of phi., Jeff and Lauren, started their first business - Hephaestus Woodworking - in August of 2016, when they "rescued" some free wood from the Alberta neighborhood to see what they could make.


Wood with a Story

Hephaestus, from greek myth, was the ghastly god cast out of heaven who fell to earth and with a new perspective, became a craftsman of the discarded and deformed.


Jeff and Lauren are completely self-taught and continually seek out wood that is discarded and/or deformed - working with the flaws of the wood to create distinct and unique pieces of furniture.



the 21st greek letter and the symbol for the golden ratio

They started Hephaestus Woodworking just over two years before opening their first brick and mortar.  In the true spirit of the golden ratio, phi, they have tried to curate a store filled with artists who, though all practice different crafts, are imbued with the same philosophy of the golden ratio... beauty, proportion, harmony and virtue.